Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm seeing Frogs

Just finished a quilt that has frogs all over it. It turned out pretty fun, but I am seeing frogs in my sleep. This is a quilt for a customer's grandson. I think it is just the kind of quilt that a little boy would like.

When you look at the back, you see froggies, froggies, froggies and the lilly pads they love to jump on all over the place. What fun!

I did a quilt for her earlier this year and it was a jungle theme. It was fun to quilt and is one of those stack and whack kind. I loved it. I have quilted some others for her grandchildren this year. They are supposed to be Christmas presents. I think they will love it. Kids always love cuddly minke quilts. Just wish I had remembered to take pictures.