Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Holly

I've done two Christmas themed quilts in this last week. One was a Christmas tree skirt, which was really fun. I love, love, love doing "holly", and that just filled the bill for these two projects.

The back to this one was really fun!

Now I have to get busy and quilt several quilts that customers want ready for Christmas giving. It is a real thrill to quilt something beautiful for others to use and enjoy

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Boy's Quilts

Well, finished another quilt for a grandchild. His mom wanted it done for Christmas. Actually she wanted it done earlier, but I have been a little slow getting it done, so now it is for Christmas. She has had a lot of fun piecing quilts this last year and a half, and as they have to be done between customer quilts, sometimes it takes me awhile to get them finished. This is another boy quilt and I thought she did an excellent job. Boys are not always the easiest to do a quilt for, but her color choices and design choices seem just right for a teenage boy.

It is always a challenge for me to know just how to take a picture of a quilt so that it looks nice and shows the features of the quilt, etc. The first picture was taken out on the rock wall. This picture was taken on the trimming table because I thought it did a nice job of showing off the puff of the shapes. It should look really nice on the bed.

This picture is over the screen door. Ok, so I was getting desperate. The closeup below shows some detail of the border from the back. The sunshine really cast some nice shadows so that you can see it pretty well.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Just in Time

At last! The canning is all finished for the year. The peaches are in the jar, the grape juice is done, and the applesauce is on the shelves. Just in time to start getting ready for Christmas! Where has the year gone! It has been a busy fall, but we are so grateful to have the shelves full and are ready to settle in by the fire with a good book and enjoy the winter. Boy, doesn't that sound peaceful! Too bad real life is never quite that simple. Oh well, we can always dream!