Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life sure whizzes by! Somehow, I thought that once all my children were married and gone I would have more time to do whatever. Not so! We seem to spend most of our lives thinking that Life is going to change; get slower or better or happier or whatever. You'd think that we would learn a little sooner that life is just life and that we'd better be happier now, or make time for whatever now, or slow down and enjoy it more NOW!!! Well, enough sharing my great wisdom with all of you. On to the quilt.

I finished another quilt in the last little while and really liked the way it turned out. I was able to use some of the same feathers as the last one and even tho the quilt is entirely different, the effect was still lovely.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I worked on a beautiful quilt recently. The workmanship was exceptional and the result was really lovely. The piecing was precise and the colors were well chosen. Together the effect was soft and appealing. I enjoyed working on it very much and choose to use feathers on the whole top.

Since the fabrics used were rather scrappy, I didn't think formal feathers was quite the thing, and so I used a feather that I have worked to develop. It is a feather with a swirl and a leaf incorporated, so it is less formal and more fun.

As per usual, the back is fun too.

I didn't realize until the quilt had been returned to the customer that I didn't have pictures of the ends of the quilt. These pictures were taken before the quilt was turned to do the scalloped ends. The scalloped turned out really pretty. Wish I had remembered to take additional pictures when I was all done. Guess I must have had a senior moment!