Friday, January 29, 2010

Something New

Well, thought I'd post the latest Quilt of Valor and then move on to something new next time. Why does life always stay so busy. I guess I shouldn't complain. January could do a lot worse than being able to stay busy. At least it is not depressing!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quilts of Valor

This posting is just for my granddaughter who had a math assignment where she had to choose a quilt block and sew it up, and had to have a picture of a quilt and tell its story. She went to a friendly neighborhood quilter (she lives in a different state) and did up the quilt blocks. They sound wonderful and I can hardly wait to see them. She plans to make a pillow out of the four blocks she did.

Now for the quilt and story. Several years ago a group was started (I believe it is a foundation) who's goal was to quilt a quilt for every person who served in the military services. The focus began with the wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq, but has expanded beyond that. They put together people who wish to donate materials with those who like to piece the tops and then found people who would take the tops and quilt them. Then the foundation is notified when a quilt is finished and the quilt is then sent on to wherever there is a need for a quilt.

The quilts are sent in a presentation case with a journal that talks about the experience or feelings of the people involved in the quilt. I have really enjoyed being a part of that process.

This is the first quilt I did for QOV. It was done by a church group that meets monthly and quilts as many as they can in a year's period of time. The congregation donates all the materials and the women make the tops. Then they are sent out for quilting and once a year all the quilts are displayed in the church for everyone to see and then they are sent overseas. This particular year 35 quilts were made and sent.

This quilt was made by a mother who has two sons in the military. She has learned to quilt since one has been posted in Iraq. She says it keeps her busy at night when she wakes up worrying.

I especially liked this one. It was a beautiful top and was fun to quilt.

I was not overly happy with the way this quilt came out. Oh well, live and learn I guess. You never know until you try something. This is the last quilt I finished, complete with presentation case. I as grateful to have a way to say thanks to the brave men and women who are ready to lay down their lives that we might be safe.